Who is Tabby May?

Tabby May is a vocalist/guitarist who really likes to touch the hearts of her audience and make people dance, sing and clap along, or grab a tissue with a touching song.

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What kinds of music does Tabby May play?

She plays a mixture of a lot of styles. Her repertoire contains blues, rock, country, ‘middle of the road’ (easy listening, ballads), pop and more, from the 50’s ’til now! She prefers to play acoustic, although plugged in, but she can also play with backing tracks if that’s what a venue wants. Beside that she also plays songs of her own.


What occassions or venues are suitable for Tabby May to play?

Any place and any occasion! Since 1999 Tabby May has played on festivals, weddings, blessings, birthday bashes, art gallery openings, fashion shows, private parties, barbecues, in pubs, bars, restaurants, camping canteens and she was even booked several times to play in shopping malls. You can also book Tabby May for funerals or other kinds of farewell occasions/parties.


“You want your party or any other occasion to be a success? Book Tabby May, you’ll be glad you did!”


Personal biography

Learning to play the guitarTabby May was born in a small town near Amsterdam in a very musical family. At age 10 she started with organ lessons and at age 11 she got her hands on a guitar for the first time. Her love for the guitar remained ever since. She’s autodidact on the guitar, she started with just a couple of chords her father and grandfather gave her, and learned from listening to and watching other guitarists.

In the course of the years she developed her own way of fingerpicking Playing at schooland a very rythmic way of strumming. When she was 14 she took part in a talent show at school with a song she wrote herself. That was not very succesful. The next year she tried again and ended fourth. Age 16 was her last year at school and thus the last change to win the talent show, so she teamed up with another singer/guitarist and a pianist and they played John Denver’s ‘Annie’s song’ and finished second. Well, not that bad after all.

After school she started workin a daytime job, got married, had two children, and the guitar was always nearby. She played wherever she could; at weddings, private parties, at home with guests, on holiday at the camping… She would even ask established performers who played a gig if they would let her play during their breaks. And luckily she succeeded in doing so every now and then.


“You belong on the stage!”

In 1999 she joined a jam session in an Irish pub in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, and the owner was impressed by her voice and guitar playing. “You belong on the stage”, he said. So he challenged her: if she’d be able to memorize thirty to fourty songs (she used to play with the lyrics in front of her) and could play them properly , the owner of the pub would let her play a paid gig. A couple of weeks later she happily told him that she was ready and he kept his promise, she got her gig (and more after that).

With Chris Simpson of Magna Carta, 2006After that she went on and played wherever she could. She played in several different countries, i.e. the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Belgium and Australia. And today in 2015 she performs on the Costa del Sol, in Southern Spain.

Throughout the years her repertoire got very broad and varied, so she can play the appropriate songs on virtually any occasion or venue. She can rock, she can be a country chick, she can sing soft and emotional songs… you name it, she’ll play it, with just a guitar or with the guitar and additional backing tracks.

In August 2015 she’s taken a new step in her career by releasing her first single.

Musical influences are the Beatles, James Taylor, Jim Croce, Captain & Tennille, Lynyrd Skynyrd, J.J. Cale, John Denver, Ilse DeLange, Paul McCartney and many others.