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Why things are so quiet in here and traveling during lockdown (VIDEO)


November 29, 2020

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Why things have been so quiet

Hello you lovely lot, it’s been quite a while that I’ve uploaded something on my website. So I figured I owe you an explanation as to why it is so quiet in here. Traveling for two weeks and coming home ill. That’s it in a nutshell. Watch the video below, and I’ll tell you more!

Traveling during lockdown

For those of you who are wondering, after seeing the video, how it is possible that we went to cross several national borders (Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, back and forth) during these lockdown times… I’ve got news for you: IF this coronavirus was as deadly and dangerous as we’ve been told, we were sure that we would have been stopped at the very first border we wanted to cross.

That happened to be the provincial borders Málaga-Granada (when we left, Granada was in complete lockdown), fairly close to home in Andalusia (back in lockdown from the 10th of Nov, we left the 9th). All the newspapers will tell you “nobody can get in, nobody is allowed out“. Well, here’s from personal experience: that is BS! Which took us quite by surprise actually.

The next border to cross was the border Granada-Jaén, another provincial border. Nothing there either. On to the Andalusian border, entering Castilla-la Mancha. Nothing. No controls, no police, none whatsoever! After that we crossed the border of the state of Madrid, the border of Basque Country, the Spanish-French border, the French-Belgian border and the Belgian-Dutch border.

We also crossed the Dutch-German border several times during our stay in the Netherlands.

We’ve NEVER been stopped, checked or asked anything! I had a stack of printed papers to explain why and where we were traveling (legal and justified reasons) but nobody has asked about it.

Does raise some questions, doesn’t it???

In the case of a true, seriously dangerous, extremely deadly virus, like Ebola for instance, we are sure we would have been stopped a dozen of times! And probably would’ve been sent back home. And that would have been totally understandable.

But now there was nothing. And on our return journey it was all the same, except when we entered Basque Country, there we were stopped twice. First time for a regular check (for drivers license and car insurance), nothing to do with the lockdown, and a second time because of the lockdown. That was the ONLY time we’ve been asked at least something.

But NOT the questions we expected! Like: where are you coming from? Are you healthy? Having any health issues, fever? Nothing of the like. They asked where we were going. We said ‘Andalusia’, but they never asked why. Because of the curfew we voluntarily told them that we were close to our hotel where we would stay the night. They asked to see the check-in data, which we showed them. And that was that. “You may continue your journey, adios”.

Be aware that YOU have a choice, always!

After that, nothing. Not when entering Andalusia, which was in lockdown again, not when entering the provinces, not when crossing our municipal boundary (we’re officially not allowed outside our municipal boundaries, we had a police car driving in front of us when we crossed that boundary, but they didn’t stop us). 

As I’ve said earlier in another post about this ‘corona crisis’, keep thinking for yourself! Ask questions, search for answers* (hint: avoid Mainstream Media!). Things really don’t add up when you take a closer look at what has been (and is) going on this year.

And be cautious about your freedom. Governments and the media make it seem as if you’ve got no options than to obey orders and rules, but you DO have a choice!

A choice to give up your freedom for a created crisis, or hang on to your freedom for as long as you can! I’ll be fighting for my right to freedom!





* Check out this video for example, if you have questions about the legitimacy of lockdown and whether they’re really useful…

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