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2015-08-11 - Loner in London town - Tabby May singleThe new week has arrived and of course we immediately had to check in the general download charts what spot the single ‘Loner in London town‘ has at the moment. Unfortunately it has dropped from number 2 to number 3.

Our request to all Tabby May fans is therefore to buy the single and pass it on to your friends, so she’ll rise again to the higher regions of the charts! (On de linkspage you’ll find the links to the download sites. Of course also available through iTunes).

Because it’s actually pretty special to be that high up that quickly in Tabby May nr. 2 in algemene downloadlijstthe regular download charts with a new single, we’ll put a screenshot below which was taken by Angel of Angelsrecords two days ago, while ‘Loner’ was still on number 2. Always fun to see!

How will the story continue with this first release? We can hardly wait to see and we’ll surely keep you updated! This Sunday Tabby May can be found on stage again, this time at El Elefante in Benalmádena. Do you happen to be around, come in to join and enjoy the party!

2015-08-23 - El Elefante, Benalmádena

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