Face masks for children

Face masks for children – Is there 1 valid reason for these preposterous rules?

January 26, 2021

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In the blog to my last song recording video I already announced that I would write a blog about seeing children wearing face masks. To add my thoughts on this matter to a song recording blog post didn’t feel appropriate, so I’ve made a separate post of it.

I do give a warning though, that my opinion is not mainstream. It’s however my freedom of speech that grants me the right to write down my opinion just the way it is. If you are a ‘corona believer’, obediently following all the rules and measures, you may not like what I have to say. It’s totally up to you whether you read on or not.

Waiting for the crosswalk
(Picture from Pixabay.com)

Feeling sad

Two weeks ago something made me cry. A father and his two children, a boy and a little girl of about 6 or 7 years old, crossed the street before me, while I was waiting in the car in front of the crosswalk. All three of them were wearing face masks. I instantly felt a profound sadness, and at that moment the girl turned around and made eye contact with me. I smiled and waved to her.

She waved back, and kept looking at me until I had to continue my way. She had the most beautiful long curly brown hair and her dark brown eyes were immediately etched in my mind. My heart really hurt and the sadness that I felt expressed itself through tears, that started running from my eyes onto my cheeks.

A thought that I often have these days, is that I really don’t understand why people accept a measure to make their children wear face masks. It’s child abuse! Children need oxygen, as we all do. But their growing brains need it even more. And don’t say that they can breath well through a face mask and give the example that surgeons wear masks all the time, because that’s total BS.

Surgeons performing surgery

Yes, surgeons do wear face masks while performing surgery: in controlled and sterile rooms, where there’s added more oxygen to make sure the mask will not have any negative effect on the surgeon (because of oxygen deprivation), and other personnel in the room wearing masks! On top of that, doctors have protocols on how to use face masks, how to put them on and off again. Protocols that weren’t taught to us civilians.

There is an overload of scientific evidence (please read the linked article carefully, it contains a ton of sensible information!) that face masks don’t do anything in preventing the spread of a virus. The WHO knows it, every government knows it (in the meantime most of the studies that show this have been effectively removed from search engines such as Google, so people won’t find them so easily anymore).

But they still demand that everyone wears a mask. Why? Can it be that it’s just behavior control of the masses and hidden agendas of power hungry people? That last one is a rhetorical question…

Besides, if masks would really help, then why are the numbers of ‘infections’ rising instead of going down?

If not for yourself, do it for others?

It’s insane that ‘we, the people’ obey these preposterous rules, thinking that we do it to help ‘others’. We don’t! How does not crossing a street help in preventing someone else getting killed in a car accident?

It’s the same idiotic kind of reasoning that’s being enforced on healthy people, that healthy people wearing face masks are preventing other people from getting infected. It’s emotional blackmail to force people into doing things they normally wouldn’t do!

Really, it’s beyond me that people can be so ignorant to accept this. Or even worse, completely believe it all and get angry at other people who don’t buy into it. Why are people so blind to see that governments are trying to manipulate us with fear mongering?

Without scruple they use multinationals (Facebook and their so called ‘fact checkers’, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google etc.) and news media (newspapers, television, radio) to indoctrinate the world population with their propaganda about the corona virus.

(Picture from Pixabay.com)

The solution?

And all they point towards as the only possible solution are: vaccines. Vaccines that have been produced in less than a year, without proper testing (which normally takes ten to fifteen years!!). Why don’t people have more knowledge about how their own body and immune system works?

We don’t need vaccines to stay healthy, and we have to realize that dying is part of living! Some of us will die when struck by a virus! We may not like it, but it’s natural. We can’t possibly ALL stay alive forever, can we? Humanity has successfully dealt with viruses for as long as our species exists, without today’s science and so called ‘medicine’!

This whole artificially rigged ‘Corona crisis’ is in the end about just none other than this: unbridled greed, hunger for more money and more power, by the people in power (and they are behind our governments! Governments are being used by these powerful few people exactly the same how the governments use the mainstream media. They’re mere puppets for those who pull the strings behind the curtain!)

Sorry, not sorry

Normally I don’t like to talk about such negative things as I’ve expressed above. So it’s easier for me to sort of hide and stay away from social media and the news. Problem is that when I start writing about anything, it all heads the same direction as this blog. My frustration finds a way out.

However, with all the censorship going on online, it feels as if it’s dangerous to speak out one’s mind, when not buying into the mind-control that the whole world has been put under.

But every now and then I must let it out. Especially when I see face masks on children outside, as I saw again today. It hurts me so deeply to see them like that…

Anyway, my wild guess is that it’s very likely that you yourself are having troubles keeping your mind distracted from all that’s going on around us. In any way, shape or form.

Wake up and/or stay awake, and get on with life

So, breath in… breath out… It’s time to get back to writing blogs about coloring and art, and sing songs again, to help you forget about lockdowns, curfews and face masks for a while. As an individual you can only change how you personally feel and what you do to make something of your life.

But it doesn’t hurt to every now and then be aware of what exactly is going on in the world and take notice of it. And maybe think about what we can do to change things for the better, together! Because on our own we won’t get very far, but together we can move mountains. After all, we the people are the 99%… should be easy for us to team up and beat the power hungry 1%!

Never be afraid to speak out and let people know how you truly feel. I know it isn’t easy, I’m always scared as hell to speak my mind as blatantly as I just did, but sometimes we need to step outside of our comfort zone and man up, be brave and step into the light to try and make a difference.

I hope this blog was doing that. Thank you for reading.

With love and wishing you well,




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