Faith in your immune system

Faith in your #1 hero: your immune system… How to stay healthy?

October 28, 2020

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ThinkingWhen I wrote the accompanying blog to my recording of George Michael’s Faith, I was in doubt whether or not I should express my feelings on the topic of having faith in yourself. I wrote things and deleted them, wrote again, then deleted again. It just didn’t feel like it was the right place to do. So in that blog I kept it short and promised a more in depth post about it.

So here I am. Still twisting and turning about how to say the things I wanna say, because these days people are so sensitive (not to mention hostile) when someone expresses an opinion they don’t like. And I think I’m going to do exactly that… my opinion is what a lot of people don’t want to hear. But I have to share it, the urge inside of me is too strong not to!

If you’d rather listen than read, click on the image below to start my video in which I read this blog. The blog continues below this video.

What is going on with the world right now, is at the least ‘weird’. And the focus being put solely on vaccines to ‘rescue’ us, is to me even weirder and to be honest, that worries me. A lot.

Faith in your immune systemAnimal species

Did you ever ask yourself what we, humans, really are? I did. And one of the answers that came up was: mammals. We’re an animal species, we’re mammals*. Only thing separating us from other animals, is that we’ve got a more developed consciousness and bigger brains.

We can THINK. Think of ourselves, think of others, think to come up with solutions for problems, think linear in time and space… We think in terms of past, present and future. We can picture ourselves in our mind’s eye way back when we were little, or project images of ourselves in the future imagining things that may or may not happen to or with us.

And all that thinking triggers emotions. We feel emotions of joy, happiness, anger, spite, revenge, but most of all we feel FEAR. Fear is our strongest driving force in whatever we do. Fear of losing, and that may be fear of losing a loved one, a friendship, fear of losing money… and then the fear of poverty kicks in. Because losing might mean losing it ALL. Being left with nothing. Fear of hunger, fear of dying. Those fears are ingrained in our beings, in all of us.

And all those fears, from the tiny ones (like mice or spiders) to the biggest ones (fear of loss and death), cause our behavior and actions. Not only in a bad way though. Fears often trigger our creativity, so we come up with creative ideas and inventions for many problems we run into.

* Another answer is that we are spiritual beings, experiencing the physical world in a physical body. I’ll write about that in another stories-blog.

face maskFear in 2020

So, here we are. In the year 2020. And it seems like everybody on the planet lives in fear right now. Fear of Covid-19 at first, but many people not only fear for this virus. Many people have lost their jobs, they don’t earn enough money anymore to pay their rent or mortgage.

They are afraid they will not be able to feed themselves or their families, their children. Many older people are afraid they will never see their children or grandchildren again, because they’re not allowed to and they’re losing hope and faith that things will be alright before they close their eyes indefinitely.

And what happens is that governments come up with a solution: vaccines. People are so afraid these days, that they’re willing to accept ANYTHING to make them feel secure and safe again. Including vaccines. There is more and more talk of making vaccines mandatory, like they’ve done in so many countries already (including Spain) with face masks.

Well, that’s what scares the shit out of me!


Before even considering having my physical integrity affected by accepting a vaccine, I think it’s easier, and much healthier, to think about how the human body functions. After all, we, Homo Sapiens, have been on this planet for tens of thousands of years and have developed into these beings with a great immune system. This system is our warrior and barrier against anything trying to invade our body.

Bacteria and viruses have been among us forever, and it never stopped us from evolving and continuing our lives. Yes, people died. Sometimes massively. But remember: we’re part of nature, an animal species. Doesn’t that happen all the time with animals? When the population of a certain species gets too large, diseases break out and diminish the overpopulation. That’s how nature works! That’s how nature thrives!

Then men started ‘medicine’, trying to cure and heal, solve problems. Creativity at its finest, right? As I said, our fear drives us to creative solutions. So we became aware of ways to cure illnesses, and kept developing those ways, trying to make them better.

The further we got with learning science, especially the ‘western world’, the more we explored our world and our universe. We’ve arrived at a point where we no longer accept death as a part of life. And along the way, we’ve turned away from nature more and more. Thinking that men knows better than nature.

To help or to profit?

For the last hundred years, this development has turned into a business model. Health no longer is something to strive for, at least not for pharmaceutical companies, it’s a way to earn money. Big bucks! And not in a good way. “Keep people just healthy enough for them to stay alive, but sick enough that they can no longer live without us” seems to be the adage those companies work from.

How much more money must be donated to find a cure against cancer? Or against diabetes? To name just a few diseases that we’ve been fed to believe that are so hard to cure. Consider this: maybe cancer isn’t the evil killer it appears to be, that surgeons want to cut away, fight against, get rid of…

What if it’s just a signal of the body that is there to help you realize that there’s something terribly wrong with how you live and how you treat your body? What if the immune system is triggering cancerous cells to help? Just like pain is a means to let you know that there’s something wrong.

medieval operationBut we’ve drifted away from our nature so far, that we forgot to think that way. We just turn to the pharmaceuticals for solutions. “Oooh I’ve got a headache, I need a painkiller”, instead of thinking about what we’ve been putting into our body, or whether we’re under too much stress that should be addressed.

Or worse: “I’ve got cancer, the doctor says I need chemo”. Or radiation. Or an operation, amputation. No offense, but doesn’t this remind you of the Middle Ages, where surgeons went on like butchers? Cutting limbs off, and experimenting on people with whatever they could come up with of poisonous potions and extreme procedures?

How did we get where we are now?

Unfortunately, most of us have been taught that this is how medicine and healing works. That this is the best way to approach sickness and (the absence of) health. But is it really? Why did we abandon the ways of many country’s indigenous people? Why don’t we work more with, for instance, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy and other holistic ways of healing?

A possible answer to that can be found in the following, 59 minutes long, video by Dr. Andrew Kaufman M.D.. You can watch the video by clicking here (or here where it’s mirrored, in case the first link doesn’t work).

A little side note here: Although I find this video very informative, I don’t believe everything that’s being told in it. It’s up to you whether or not you think what is being told in this video is true or not. And as I said, it might answer the questions above, but I can’t say with 100% certainty that it is all true.

healthy food for your immune systemHolistic approach

What I do believe, is that the advice given in this video about using your mind to keep your body healthy, to steer clear of toxic substances and to eat nutritious, non chemically fabricated or altered food, is a wise one. I’ve experienced the effect of homeopathy on both my children, when one of them still was a baby and the other a toddler, and myself. And I can tell from experience that to cure a disease, you need to look at the body as well as the mind as a whole, which is what homeopathy does.

Not just look at the body in bits and pieces (as is the case in general medicine), not only relieving symptoms, but looking closely at how you treat your body. What do you eat and drink, how do you sleep, how much do you exercise, what do you think, what are your fears and emotions? ALL of that together needs to be taken into consideration when physical problems occur.

Bottom line is, it’s about keeping your immune system on guard, so you can have faith that it will do what it needs to. And the best way to keep your immune system in optimal shape, is to be cautious what you put in your body as well as in your mind! Feed your mind with fear and propaganda, and you’ll undermine your immune system. Feed your body with toxins (either from food or medication) and you’ll eventually cause physical problems.

The other way around is also true: feed your mind with joy and happiness, you’ll strengthen your immune system. Feed your body fresh, unprocessed food and get a reasonable amount of exercise, you’ll make your body, as well as your mind, stronger and healthier.

Covid-19 vaccineCorona virus… do we really need vaccines?

Back to where we are now in 2020. Everything is focused on getting a vaccine to get control over Covid-19. To be completely honest: I don’t want it. I trust my immune system and know that that’s all I need to deal with anything trying to invade my body. I see a vaccine as an unwanted invader itself.

Pharmaceutical businesses will make enormous amounts of profit, just by selling those vaccines. At the expense of the people being injected with it. These Covid-vaccines are not tested long enough, they’re being produced in a hurry. So how can we be sure they will do what they’re supposed to? The regular seasonal flu shot (against Influenza virus) never worked to get rid of the flu, so why would this be different?

It’s all about money, in my opinion. Because if it were about keeping the population safe and healthy, the narrative would be totally different, focusing mainly on enforcing one’s immune system, eating well, sleeping well, exercise, and keeping stress at a distance, instead of your friends and family.

Stress reduction

One way to keep stress at bay, is by turning off your radio and television and stay away from social media. They’re bursting with propaganda, they’re censoring criticism of the current Covid-narrative and all they do is install fear in people. Making everyone forget that we as a species survived centuries upon centuries without today’s pharmaceutical doctrine.

Keep thinking for yourself. You may disagree with everything I’ve written above, but please do your own research and use your own mind, instead of merely repeating what’s been said in the media.

Stay safe, and most of all: stay healthy, in body and mind! (And let me know in the comments below how you feel about a Covid-vaccine. Will you take it, or not?)






PS Obviously there could be said a lot more about this subject, and on most of the topics mentioned in this blog post I’ve just touched the surface. This blog serves two purposes:

  • To share my personal point of view with you, since this subject lies close to my heart,
  • and to make you think, to make you aware that you always have choices. In what you think, what you believe, in how you take care of your body, etcetera. There are always other ways, so make sure you choose the way that suits you. Because all you have in this life is this one body, and this one chance to live your best life ever!

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