Hobbies and time-lapse video

Hobbies, delicious pie and my first time-lapse video

October 18, 2020

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cakeAs you probably could have guessed, if you’ve followed me a little longer, I’m not someone with just one or two hobbies. I’ve got more hobbies than time to spend on them. One of them is editing video material, but you could have guessed that too by now ?.

More hobbies

My other hobbies, just in case you’re interested, are: reading books (paper ones, not digital!), photography, coloring, drawing, buying and using art supplies, playing with make-up, singing, making music (guitar and keyboard, but I wish to own an accordion and an electric organ again one day), doing things with the computer (editing photos and video, working on my website), watching the night sky gazing at planets, stars and galaxies (husband gave me a telescope for my birthday!), and writing.

So what I try to do for my website, is to combine my hobbies as much as I can. Hence the music videos, since guitar playing and singing has been one of my passions since I was eleven years old. And also the flip-through videos of my coloring books, and the ‘Tabby Reads’ videos (those are the most time consuming ones to make, but also the most fun to make. I put a lot of effort in making the Tabby Reads videos not just for listening, but I add visuals and effects in them. For those visuals I often use photos and coloring work that I’ve done).

cappuccinoEl Deseo

Another one of my hobbies is sitting in the sun on the terrace of El Deseo in La Cala de Mijas (Costa del Sol, Málaga, Spain) with my husband. Preferably drinking a decaf cappuccino and eating a nice slice of cake with cream and almonds. Delicious!

And exactly that is what we were doing when I filmed the video below (this was before Corona, so everything was still normal, no face masks or keeping distance)!

I’ve made a nice new intro and outro for my Tabby On Tour videos, using Renderforest (where I’ve made all of my video intros and outros). Hope you’ll like it. Enjoy!

Thanks again for watching and keep an eye on this website, because I’m working on more blogs, coloring book reviews, Tabby On Tour videos, song recordings and a lot more!

See you on the next one.





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