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Today, August 15th, is the day that we’re launching the website with a slightly different look and more special: in two languages! All you want to know about Tabby May is now available in English here on and in Dutch on We’re working on flags, to make it easier to switch between the two.

We’ve done a lot of work, we’ve added new things like a new page with links, and shortly we’ll add some photo albums with both older and recent material. There are already more video’s available and the repertoire list is up to date and contains over 130 songs.

New single

Release 11-08-2015: the single 'Loner in London town'August 11th was the day of the first official release of a Tabby May single! The song ‘Loner in London town* has been released to 14.700 radio stations worldwide and it is already skyrocketing up the Dutch download charts. On the first day the song entered the Blues/Country charts in fifth place, today after four days it has climbed up to the general charts and still holds the second spot there!

Plugger Geert Hakze** and record label Angelsrecords** do their very best to promote the single and support Tabby May as best they can, for which we’re very grateful!

* available on iTunes
** see the links page for links to their respective websites
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